Center for Open Science Coordinates NASA-Funded Initiative to Support the Year of Open Science

Sep. 12, 2023

Charlottesville, VA – The Center for Open Science (COS), with support from NASA, is collaborating with 16 organizations that have signed up to participate in the Year of Open Science. Funders, members of the scholarly communications community, builders of standards and research infrastructure, and advocacy organizations have signaled their support for NASA’s plans to Transform to Open Science (TOPS).

As part of the Year of Open Science, NASA made an open call to the research community to join the Year of Open Science efforts to accelerate several priorities, and the research community responded. The participating organizations have committed to advancing four goals:

  1. Establish strategic approaches for advancing open science;
  2. Promote equitable participation in open science through transparency, integrity and equity of reviews;
  3. Account for open science activities in evaluations and incentives; and
  4. Engage underrepresented communities in the advancement of open science and research. 

“We are pleased to join our colleagues at NASA–and throughout the federal government–in supporting the Year of Open Science. We share the common goal of ensuring equitable knowledge sharing across the research enterprise and with the public, and look forward to fruitful collaborations,” said Katie Steen-James, Manager of Public Policy and Advocacy at SPARC.

In partnership with the other Year of Open Science Signatories, COS will convene a series of working sessions to align collective action, culminating with a Year of Open Science conference in early to mid-2024 to showcase the outputs, coalition-building, and ongoing work from these joint efforts. The combined reach of the communities represented by these organizational signatories will help to ensure sustained commitment beyond the 2023 Year of Open Science.

“We are committed to advancing all aspects of open science activities and to expanding the community of researchers who can contribute to its outputs,” says David Mellor, Director of Policy at COS. “Together with NASA and the other participating organizations, we will have a broader vision for what can be done to improve reviews, engage communities that are underrepresented in scientific research, and better evaluate the process of science.”

Signatories to NASA’s Year of Open Science:

Text of grant supporting COS’s NASA Year of Open Science: 


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