Wave 1 and Sample Data

Wave 1 Data

The first wave of data is now available. Please refer to the information on this website for instructions on how to complete your preregistration or Registered Report. 

Access additional resources to learn more about completing your preregistration or Registered Report.

Sample Data

Sample data is available now to help researchers prepare their Wave 1 preregistrations and Registered Reports. Sample data constitutes the non-sensitive dataset for Sweden. 

Two sample datasets are available. 

Researchers may use both or neither sample datasets to aid them in designing their research study and preregistration. Researchers must not publish based upon the sample dataset since values have been altered. The dataset accessed through the website is randomized and perturbed and can be used as an initial introduction to the data and may help researchers develop their preregistration. Researchers can request access to the sample data with perturbed only (without randomization) when they complete their preregistration to further familiarize themselves with the data. Read more about the Sample Data Perturbation and Randomization Methods.

Sensitive Data

Please note that the sample and Wave 1 data releases will contain non-sensitive variables only (refer to codebook for variables). There may be additional metadata and variables released at a later date that will require ethical review (e.g. Institutional Review Board (IRB)) approval to access. Examples of sensitive data may include the following:

1. Geographic data

Latitude and longitude of the respondent at each point of data collection, aggregated to a higher level (likely to be to the 0 decimal level)

2. Demographic information (interviewer)

Interviewer’s age, gender, education, and religious affiliation.

3. Panel membership

Information such as date of recruitment (length of tenure on the panel), number of survey invitations and number of surveys completed in the last six months (if more than one survey was conducted), time to complete the survey, number of contacts, type of recruitment, and incentive payments.

All relevant forms for preregistration can be found in the Global Flourishing Study Registry.

Access the GFS Registry

Sample Data Resources

Sample Data Codebook

The sample data codebook contains information about the organization and naming of the variables in the sample data and is a key resource for researchers when working with the dataset.

The codebook for the GFS data is available for anyone to access on the GFS Registry, or you can simply access it here.

Access Sample Data Without Preregistration

This sample dataset contains the data collected in Sweden. It has been perturbed by adding a small amount of random error and randomized across rows. Read more here

You can use it to prepare your hypotheses, models, and analysis script. Fill out this form to access the sample data without preregistration.

Access Sample Data With Preregistration

The sample dataset contains the data collected in Sweden which has been perturbed by adding a small amount of random error. Read more here.

Access to this sample dataset requires preregistration in advance through the GFS Registry.

Researchers requesting access to the GFS data agree to keep the data private until it is made publicly available, document analyses that are unplanned or changed from the preregistration, report outcomes, share code and materials, and make findings openly accessible. Learn more about the data request agreements.

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